Water fun...

Boating is spectacular here!

3rd Rock Grid's Great Central Lake

When Estate Manager JayR Cela invited me to see his 3x3 Water Region - Great Central Lake at  3rd Rock Grid he mentioned how  it is set up for boating fun and racing; it offers a thrilling virtual environment for enthusiasts of aquatic adventures.  This offers a tranquil yet exciting experience of boating on open waters. Please add this to your map: grid.3rdrockgrid.com:8002:Great Central Lake.

JayR has it set up for boating enthusiasts so they can participate in competitive racing events in the future, please stop by and visit this  magnificent  waterway.

I will be by again to experience this beautiful place, thank you JayR for inviting me.

Great Central Lake


Fred Beckhusen and partner Debbie Edwards, with the help of Joe Builder have been creating an Egyptian region that expands 6 Million Square virtual feet! It is a region that words are mere in comparison, you must see this place! Add this url to your map: www.outworldz.com:9000:Alexandria 

The images captured here were using Singularity setting PyFx Memory v1

Fred has NPC who Roleplay Cleopatra's Shakespearian Play. Give yourself time to fully appreciate all the details here.  

Fred explains, "It took 3 years to make the first Alexandria 4X4 sim.  It took a year for Debbie and I to make and paint the Cleopatra avatar in Blender, Avastar and in Substance Painter.  The other 5 newer regions are also 4X4s and took about 6 months to plan and make. They cover 6,291,456 sq meters, or 7,524,518 square yards, and the regions are 2 miles across."

  Hand Maiden greets and welcomes you.

Vivid colors against earthen walls...

You will see Sphinx and Egyptian Dogs, markets and beautiful tile everywhere. The Sphinx is massive, Fred never compromises on the details.  Giving his world depth and texture, incredibly realistic - you feel as if you have stepped back into time to another place.

Cleopatra's story is given here in a Kiosk as Outworldz Alexandria Book , please make sure you obtain one. Her story, this place...is exquisitely presented by Fred and Debbie.

Please contact for more information   MeWe

Lost Gardens of Apollo

"The Lost Gardens of Apollo" was once a well known place in Second Life, built by Dane Zander. Online from 2005 till 2011. Now almost perfectly rebuilt by Delphi Bernard and approved by Dane himself.   I remember seeing The Lost Gardens of Apollo in SL around 2007, I would go there to dance at this pavilion.  A beautiful romantic night under the stars, I adored this place.  When I first discovered it in Opensim, I spent time again exploring the beautiful places to cuddle and spend quiet time.


Beautifully detailed with Persian rugs and stunning torch lanterns.  It is easy to fall in love here.  

Please take time to visit Lost Gardens of Apollo add this to your map
 anettes-welt.de:8002:The Lost Gardens of Apollo