Mind odyssey

Immersive Art

Nyx presents, Waverly Walls+, Opposition, Forces in Motion, 6 Sided Singularities, In And Out of View, and Polaroid
Cherry Manga presents, a Psychedelic Experience
Amaranthim Talon presents, Monochrome Exhibit
Shirl Tainted Angel presents, Break the Matrix

Please join us!

The Mind Odyssey Art Exhibit features talented artists.

When at the exhibit please set windlight to Midnight.

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Shirl-Tainted Angel

When I first met Shirl she entered a Gingerbread House contest we had, at the time she explained she was a bit shy about presenting her work, like most artists.  Her Gingerbread house was beautifully decorated with all the goodies and she had hearts too.  You will see lots of hearts in her work as she is one of the most kind persons too.  I bet you didn't know that she is also a Real Life Performer too, she sings.

This is her blog where you can learn more about The Shirls

Please stop by Mind Odyssey and see the exhibit.

virtual-hg.com:8002:Mind Odyssey

Break the Matrix!

Cherry Manga creates an experience that captures the imagination...

Beautifully blended colors and expertly applied textures...

When viewing the exhibits Nyx created you need to take the time to absorb and feel what he is trying to convey.  You feel the positive and negative forces in Forces of Motion; 6  Sided Singularities try to figure out how this illusion was created.  Waverly Walls is created blending beautiful hues of magenta and blue. He also added a piece that I created to the exhibit, explaining to me how he illuminated it to making it unrecognizable to me-the talent here will inspire you. Please come feel the experience. ​virtual-hg.com:8002:Mind Odyssey

Nyx features his work at  Alternate Metaverse Grid