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We Are Borg

Author: David Denny

The Borg is a fictional alien species from the Star Trek universe. They are a collective hive mind composed of countless interconnected individuals known as drones. The Borg are primarily known for their relentless pursuit of perfection through assimilation, seeking to assimilate other species and their technology into their collective.

David Denny has created a cool Borg Cube perfect for your Star Trek Roleplay.

When asked about the Borg Cube David explained,

"The Borg Cube is one of many Borg vessels. Others include tactical vessels, spheres, and probes designed in a semi-chaotic, organized manner, which actually has advantages in a tactical way. The Queen would have a ship of her own, a little different from this Cube, but I have included her in this one, which reflects the design of the well-known Borg Cube from Star Trek.

Inside this one, the big rotating cylinder at the center of the Borg Alcove Hall, is my idea of what a Transwarp Generator would look like. It also includes recharging alcoves for Borg 'drones', the Queen's chamber, and an assimilation and drone repair room. Another room is control for weapons and propulsion systems but generally, the Borg did not centralize anything and a weapons system could be accessed from many of the smaller terminals around the ship. The only centralized place is in fact the Queens Chamber.

Startrek always depicts the organized chaos of the Borg Machines as claustrophobic, dark, and dingy places. For the sake of building this I made this Cube a bit spacier. Best experienced in night mode and with Audio enabled to get the full effect."

This 3x3 has so many possiblities!

Lush Gardens

This is a lovely place to stroll and reflect about your day...

Devil's Island

Secluded...haunting...elusive...a perfect habitat for the Devil.

snowy time of year...

hues borrowed from the sea...

...magenta, turquoise, various shades of green.

Passages for Safety...

“I know these walls, these halls, the stone. Do you remember it, Balin? Chambers filled with golden light…”


Sally reminds me of that song "SPOOKY" Love is kinda crazy with a spooky little girl like you  Spooky spooky yeah, yeah

Openvue - Open Source Assets from the Virtual University of Edinburgh

Author: Ai Austin

Copyright: CC BY-NC

Even before Second Life began to be used across the University in 2007, groups in Business Studies, Education and Artificial Intelligence/Informatics had been exploring virtual worlds platforms for a range of collaboration, educational and research project uses.  Platforms (now long gone) such as "There" and commercial virtual world simulators such as "Forterra" had been in use, and Second Life itself had been used even in its very earliest incarnation. 

The following blog post indicates what Vue usage there has been of Virtual Worlds...

The original Second Life Vue regions used from 2007 to 2019 are no longer maintained, but resources are available to use any available space in Second Life and a similar set of facilities are available on the OpenSimulator Platform and in some other experimental virtual worlds platforms...

OpenSim OAR (OpenSimulator Archive File) and terrain (.png and .f32 formats) for each region in the Vue "continent" as originally mounted on Second Life.

Extra OpenSim OARs and terrain files. Edinburgh is a variant of the Edinburgh Uplands region with "Edinburgh Castle" and "High Street" content that can stand alone. Sea-Vue is a simple region with only water and can be used for infill between other regions where useful.

Second Life Marketplace - Ai Austin Store - resources to create temporary facilities on Second Life sandboxes or other areas where they are allowed to build.

Fred has placed this in the Outworldz Free Oar Collection making this Oar #218.  Thank you AI Austin for everything you contribute to Opensim, we appreciate you..

Created by Avacon
Copyright:CC BY-NC-SA/4.0

First glance at this OAR I felt my inner child smile. This is a brilliantly colored board game that teaches you about prims and building in a fun interactive way!


The Primland Building Tutorial by AvaCon, Inc.( is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License. (


This curriculum is adapted from Global Kids' Second Life curriculum, originally released in 2008 and previously hosted on and at, with thanks to Joyce Bettencourt and Barry Joseph who started the project. Modifications and adaptations were made in the "GKCx" update by Jeremy Kemp and Stephen Kemp, released in 2011 at under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0 United States License. Both sites are no longer available on the web. Some sections were also modified or written in whole or in part by the University of Cincinnati Center for Simulations & Virtual Environments Research (UCSIM), The introduction to scripting chapter was written by Jeffrey Steele (Ryon Bloobury). Further modifications and expanded content to the Primland curriculum have been made by AvaCon. Inc (, in an effort to keep this resource up to date. The Intro to Building Tutorial Video Series ( referenced was created by Michael Bailey (Marcus Llewellyn).

The Primland 3D build in OpenSimulator was originally designed and created by Chris Collins (Fleep Tuque), with additional modifications and updates by the staff of AvaCon, Inc., including Joyce Bettencourt, Michael Cerquoni, Jeroen Frans, David Fliesen, and James Lloyd.

Primland also includes some 3D content and items created by Chris Collins (Fleep Tuque) for FleepGrid and are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License.

Additional graphics and 3D items used for Primland are believed to be distributed under open source or Creative Commons licensing.

Cartoon Grass

Mesh Alphabet - Vanish at OpenSim Creations

Cloud Mesh

Pink swirl lollipop tutorial

Rainbow graphic

Gold coins image

Chocolate Cake, Pies, Some Lollipops, Candy Canes and more - Linda Kellie

Seamless Cookie Texture

Boathouse Cottage by GARRY at OpenSim Creations

(Some of these links are outdated)

Many thanks to all who have contributed text, images, or open source items over the years to make this great resource for new builders!

A Very Cozy Dwelling

Great Danes to Greet You!

Complete avatars with all the clothing, hair and accessories!

Simple yet beautiful...

Guide the ships home with this lighthouse island .oar.


Joe Builder.oar

From the detailed tilework to the Arabian roofs this

 build will be perfect for those Arabian nights.

 There is a grotto with docking to harbor your boats,

 a beautiful star shaped pool too.  This is a palace fit 

for a king!  You will find it in the Outworldz free .oars drop-down list.


Did he say dark?

This is the darkest sim I have ever seen!  Gore?  Yes this has gore!

Airforce Research Lab

An OpenSim virtual world grid, called Virtual Discovery Lab (ViDL), in which high school and college students can explore these technical topics in a hands-on, educational environment.

Darkness Papp

Lands End

This 2x2 .oar is delightful.  When you arrive, you will hear Saxophone playing by Mr. Sax. This magnificent sea port has great township builds with all the props for roleplaying a Pirate adventure.
The sounds here are nice of seagulls, sax, water running really lends to the theme here, you will love this sim! 

Upcoming .oars

These .oars will be given in the next few weeks

Magical Details

Darkness Papp creates an Elven World beautifully.

Silent Refueling Base
by Fred Beckhusen and Joe Builder

Ever want to have your own Space Base?  Silent Refueling Base has everything you need for a working Space Base. There is a big rig carrying geoms.  A CH-47D Chinook v1.0 USCG, C5 Galaxy, Towers, Satellite Dishes all the vehicles you will need too!  When I asked Fred about it he said "What it might look launching the Valley Forge into space. The movie "Silent Running", with Bruce Dern, did not show this part. It is fan fiction, and has the same Aircraft Carrier "USN Valley Forge" they used as a movie set."  If you would like to visit the original base please find it here  

Please add this to your map: Refueling Base

 Being released today you will find it in your drop down list of Outworldz free .oars. Thank you @Fred Beckhusen

It's all here!

Get ready for the races with this fun 2x2 sim .oar

The Shirlz Gateway 

I adore Shirl's .oar files!  Every .oar she creates is very
cute to me, all are created with lots of love you can feel it!  This .oar is a gateway to her grid that you can add to your grid as a direct teleport to visit Shirl!  

Makes the perfect Welcome center and/or Landmark Region too. A Guitar Shape terrain where you ride a train up the fret board (train track) to the landmark area. Some accessories are from freebies given by the most talented and wonderful creators in opensim-hypergrid including Shirl!

The Shirlz Gateway

This is spectacular!!

Beautiful Details

Joe brought this story to life!

First impression of Shirl Tainted Angel's sim .oar files is all the love she put into creating these, you can feel it.  The textures are so beautiful in these builds.  Textures are difficult for me to get the right repeats down correctly and she has - this looks great!  It is not just the repeats you need to understand, you also need to understand which texture is best suited for the build too, and she has.  I remember first meeting Tainted Angel; she gave me a beautiful pink mansion, I adore her work.  She also entered our Gingerbread house contest, and her Gingerbread house won!

Thank you Shirl Tainted Angel for what you give the Opensim community, it is great people like you that keep me here.

Three .oars released today.

Heartland-Castle and Guesthouse-Nursery

Please find these .oars in your DreamGrid pull down list

Today I woke up early-excited to review the regions that Fred Beckhusen and Joe Builder put together by cutting up Joe's rather large Lost World Welcome region.  I worked on loading the .oar files by downloading them from the Lost World server to my server, then loading them to my test region to explore them.   It was such a pleasure to review five new regions, and take images.

When they first rezzed it was really exciting to see what  each .oar contained. Stadiums, lighthouses, beautiful tropical beaches and a go cart track with go cart.  There were great items too.  I found a gorilla and other animals, power poles with great wiring, aquarium dance floor, boxing ring.  But the first .oar offered is Joe Buider's Arena. 

Imagine Rome, c. AD 30. The most popular sport in Rome was chariot racing. It was so popular that larger and larger stadiums had to be built. It is claimed that the Circus Maximus in Rome had room for more than 350,000 spectators.  Think of it!  Spartacus!  Gladiator!

Joe Builder created a stadium “Arena” where you can live out your dream of becoming a chariot racer!  Upon arrival you are greeted by a sign to click to Rezz a chariot and race around the track.

A stadium built with spectators in mind! Room for a crowd to fill up your stands and roleplay a chariot race!



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