Thank you Flynn...

Flynn Sheridan's visionary spirit revolutionized our surfing experience, igniting a passion for the sport in all of us. It was his brilliant concept in SecondLife that paved the way for the establishment of the Second Life Surfing Association, which allowed me to embark on a journey of learning to surf virtual waves. Through this association, I not only became a skilled competitor but also had the privilege of becoming an SLSA Judge.

My love for surfing in SecondLife was unparalleled, but when I transitioned to Opensim, I felt a void as there was no surfing available there. Determined to bring back this exhilarating experience, I teamed up with Kayaker Magic, and together we successfully introduced surfing to Opensim.

Flynn's unwavering support for surfing was evident as he attended our Waves of Courage competition, along with Cie, proving his dedication to the sport. It is with complete sadness, I learned this morning that Flynn passed away over the weekend. However, his indomitable spirit will forever live on in the world of virtual surfing, leaving an enduring legacy that continues to inspire us all.   Please go out and surf a wave in Flynn's honor.